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Corporate Internet Solution

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Broadband Internet Connectivity & Service

Blue Net is one of the best nationwide Broadband Internet service providers of dynamically scalable bandwidth, ranging from 1mbps to 155 Gaps in the country. We are having state of the art Technology & Infrastructure to ensure quality service for our valuable customer. BlueNet serves entire Dhaka and nearly all over the country with its multi-carrier backbone connected both with submarine Cable SEA-ME-WE-4 & 5 and ITC. BlueNet is determined to provide affordable Broadband Internet service with pleasant experience forour valuable customers.

Dedicated Internet Connectivity for Corporate & Bank

BlueNet provide dedicated Broadband Internet Connectivity & Service through Fiber Optic Cable & Radio Link Technology for Corporate, Bank & Non-Banking financial Institutes along with affordable pricing structure. Our Network & Support-Service ensure excellent quality, high capacity, and low latency dedicated Broadband Internet connectivity for Corporate, Bank & financial Institute.

SME/SOHO LAN Managed Service

BlueNet provides Internet connectivity for group users to SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) Organizations and to customers residing in residential regions. BlueNet can provide cost‐effective and useful options for broadband Internet access over the fiber optics & wireless technology as well as Local Area Network (LAN) service for SOHO business depending on customers’ requirements.

Business E-mail Solution

BlueNet provides Business E-mail solution which gives you the expertise, reliability, and support to effectively compete with larger organizations. Our set of features offers you “big company capabilities” in user and domain creation and customization, email collaboration, and the assurance that your communications are reliable and secure. Leverage your resources with a premium outsourced email solution that’s priced to give you a real return on what may be your most important investment: communication.

Features and Benefit for business Email Solution

 Improve email services with increased reliability, availability, scalability, and security  Free up internal IT staff to work on core business  Total Cost of Ownership is a fraction of an in-house Email Server Solution  No email server downtime even if the Bangladesh Internet is down due to cable cut.

Camera Surveillance

BlueNet Video Surveillance solutions aim to provide world-class surveillance solutions that can address the security concerns of small, medium and large enterprises. Being an established solution provider catering to a wide range of customers, we understand the unique needs of different industries. Distinct from offering generic solutions, Matrix emphasizes on providing industry-specific solutions to its customers. Whether you manage 100+ locations or one, our effective Centralized IP Video Surveillance system can capture and document security events from endless locations.

IP PBX Service (Hosted/ Cloud)

BlueNet provides low-cost & affordable cloud based IPPBX service for its valuable customers. BlueNet is a reliable provider of unified business communications services, which include hosted PBX for organizations of all sizes. It is complementary business offerings include Internet or Point-toPoint connectivity over fiber, data center, and even inside wiring. Everything you need for business telecommunications can be delivered by BlueNet.

Colocation & Cloud Computing Service

Now you can host your servers in our premiere data center and avail high bandwidth and better redundancy for your network connections. Our colocation services are backed by managed hosting, application support and cloud services to offer you best-in-class solutions. BlueNet Colocation services offer better control and flexibility in terms of software, hardware, and configurations than a traditional hosted solution. We take care of all your network and facility requirements so that you don’t have to worry about downtime or scalability. Our premium Colocation services are as follow.

Data Connectivity

In the modern business environment, companies are increasingly under pressure to support a wide variety of voice and data communication channels between cities or locations, BlueNet connects the branch offices with main office and allocates different bandwidth for different applications according to individual branch offices’ requirement backed by 24/7 world class technical support.

Security Solution

BlueNet provides Security solutions like Cyber security, Camera Surveillance & Network Security Solutions.

  • Cyber Security
  • Server security
  • End point security
  • Web Application Firewall
  • E-mail security

Network Security

Next Generation Firewall: Our next generation firewall solution reduces cost and complexity by eliminating point products and consolidating industry-leading networking and security capabilities. These include secure sockets layer (SSL) inspection (including TLS 1.3), web filtering, and intrusion prevention (IPS) to provide full visibility and protection for any edge.

Enterprise VPN (Secured/MPLS)

Our Secured & MPLS based Enterprise VPN solution is a region wide state‐of‐the‐art service that delivers the security and performance levels of a private IP network from a shared public infrastructure. More specifically, it provides connectivity between sites across our network backbone in a secure Manner with the same policies as a private network. Our secure VPN data service is specially designed for Corporate, Bank & Non-Banking financial Institutes as well as unparalleled data security assurance.

VPN as a Network security Service

BlueNet provides a dedicated VPN service hosted at its own Data Center, featuring fast BDIX Connectivity. Each VPN account gets an IP which is not shared with other VPN customers. It is easy to set up and supported on all platforms. Network Infrastructure: Data Center solution: Empowering data driven Network Infrastructure Wi-Fi Solution: Enterprise grade indoor & out door Wi-Fi connectivity Storage & Backup solution: Storage solutions for storage data protection and cyber resilience ensure continuity of operations, better performance. and lower infrastructure costs.

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